Single Memberships include 24/7 gym access, childcare for 1 child ages 10 and under & group fitness classes. Family memberships include 24/7 gym access, childcare for up to 3 children under age 10 & Group Fitness classes. Each Additional child needing childcare services will be an additional $10 per month added into the monthly rate.

Membership Levels One Time Sign Up Fee 12 Month Contract Month to Month Paid In Full (Save 10%)

Standard Rates

Single represents one adult and one child under the age of 10. Family represents two adults and up to three children under the ages of 17.
Single $50 $69 $89 $746
Family $65 $149 $169 $1610

Discounted Rates

15% membership discount for all Veterans, First Responders, GISD Employees, Senior Citizens, and Founding Members signing up for a 12-month membership or paying in full.
Single $50 $58 $696
Family $65 $126 $1512

Drop-In Day Pass

Adult represents ages 18+. Child represents up to 17. Children under 10 must be in the childcare area. Valid during staff hours only.
Adult $10
Child $5

Monthly auto drafts occur each month on the date of sign up. Month-to-month memberships will continue until a 30-day notice of your bill date. All keys must be turned in at that time. 12-month contract memberships require a 30-day notice of bill date to cancel. Canceling your membership before the 12-month commitment is up will result in a $200 early cancellation fee; unless proof of move or injury are provided. Freeze your membership for up to 2 months per year with a 30-day notice; a $25 one time processing fee will be incurred. Brigade Family Fitness will not carry cash on site. All items must be purchased through debit or credit cards; valid accounts may put money onto their account to make purchases. Family members must be authorized to spend from that account at time of membership sign up. Cash or check are only accepted when paying for memberships in full. Return ACH fees will be $20 per transaction.