Gym Etiquette

Brigade Family Fitness is family-friendly facility. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness and caliber of equipment we have selected for the gym.

  1. Always re-rack your weights and put equipment back where you found it
  2. Wipe the equipment down with a wipe after using it
  3. There is a 30-minute limit on all cardio equipment during peak hours
  4. Do not drop the weights or barbells
  5. No foul language or inappropriate conversations
  6. Please socialize in the waiting area, not on the gym floor
  7. Dress appropriately in the gym; gym shoes and shirts are required. Wearing just a sports bra or mid-drift tank are not permitted
  8. No food or drink (besides water) are allowed in the gym area or basketball court
  9. If you are unsure of how to use the equipment, please ask a staff member
  10. Do not bring personal items onto the gym floor. Lockers are available for daily use
  11. Youth ages 10 & under are not allowed on the gym floor and must be in signed into the childcare area during the childcare operating hours. If attending the facility outside of the childcare operating hours your children must stay be in the basketball area
  12. Youth ages 11-13 can use limited equipment on the gym floor with the completion of a youth orientation
  13. Youth ages 14+ can use all of the equipment on the gym floor with the completion of a youth orientation and permission from a parent or guardian
  14. The Brigade Family Fitness staff has the right to ask any member to leave if they are not following the above guidelines