Personal Trainers

Looking for more guidance in the gym? Needing a plan of attack or have a fitness goal you are ready to meet? Brigade Family Fitness has a several personal trainers you can connect with. Training sessions will be customized to meet your needs and schedule. Contact us to schedule your free consultation to see if that trainer is a good fit to meet your needs. Each trainer offers their own program and plan options.

Please contact the front desk for more information on personal training sessions.

Meet The Team

Elizabeth Robertson, NASM CPT

Elizabeth Robertson is a proud wife and mama to 3 children. Her passion for fitness started in 2012 as a new mom and wife. She wanted to be the best version of herself and fell in love with the process. She began teaching an outdoor bootcamp for women in late 2012 and shortly after took on personal training in a gym setting. After establishing goals with her client, Liz will dedicate each training session to not only achieving these goals but pushing her clients beyond their comfort zone to realize their full potential and become the person they want to be. Our fitness is important and something we should all enjoy. Her aim is to create a positive and fun experience for clients, as well as using the best of her knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their goals. She loves meeting her clients wherever they are in their fitness journey.

Jenna Waldschmidt, NASM CPT

Jenna Waldschmidt is the general manager for the Brigade Family Fitness center in Greenwood. She attended UNLV and later moved to San Diego to be the regional coordinator for recreational and community programs for the US NAVY. She and her family of 5 have since moved to Colorado, North Dakota for now Midland for the oil & gas industry. In 2015 she began teaching group fitness classes and then obtained her personal training certification through NASM. She’s teaches group fitness classes at several gyms and runs BeStrong Fitness Bootcamps in Greenwood since early 2018. She is excited to share how fitness can be fun to those who fear the gym and she is ready to help others focus on their strength vs. the scale.